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360 Degrees Of The Voice

Ray Burmiston

29 January 2016

Tonight, The Voice 2016 starts and it seemed only fitting to post this little bit of brilliance that was filmed during the coaches photoshoot I did for the BBC.

Throughout my shoot, a tripod was placed between myself and the coaches. On top of this tripod were 6 or 7 Go Pros recording all the wonderful chaos as it unfolded in full 360 degree vision. There are little cursors on the top left hand of the screen which allow you to pan round the room to see everything as its happened.
This is a Behind The Scenes of a photoshoot unlike you will ever have seen.
Sadly the moment when I managed to coax Ricky Wilson to throw an entire cake stand at the camera is not included ,but it does give an indication of the madness of the day…
And when it was all finished this is how it looked…