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Bex, Del-boy & Rodney

Ray Burmiston

22 March 2014

This being the weekend of Sports Relief it seemed only fitting to post a little portrait I did while shooting for Comic relief recently. The Only Fools And Horses sketch was shot over two days at Wimbledon studios ,and I was lucky enough to document the unfolding on set action.

Towards the end of the shoot I did my setups with Del-Boy,Rodney and Mr.Beckham. This is a version of the shot that the BBC used to promote the sketch. When i started shooting the trio I told them that what i had in mind was David Jason and Nicolas leaning around David B…To my confusion, David Jason then promptly turned his back on me, eventually turning round as i coaxed him to face me.

When I felt I had that shot in the bag, I asked them to change positions so that “The Trotters” were in the front with David Beckham trying to push through from behind. David Jason then looked at me, smiling and said loudly to all assembled “Oh,you want us at the front now. That’s more like it… Yes…. that’s they way it should be”

That told me!