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Happy Birthday Mr Bowie

Ray Burmiston

8 January 2013

Once upon a time back in June 2006 I had the the pleasure of photographing David while he was doing his little thing on “Extras” with Ricky Gervais.We shot some portraits in a little makeshift studio I had erected in a room above where the filming was taking place.

I remember asking Mr.Bowie what he would like to listen to as we did the portraits ,he replied “I dont know… what do you normally listen to? Ricky turned to him and said “Actually David, we normally listen to you!”

This picture was taken when back on set during a break in filming. I seem to remember he was taking the mickey out of Stephen Merchant at the time… and Ricky knew i was shooting this, and is suitably thoughtful.

Today David is 66… long may he reign over us.